Every Construction

The evolution of CAD from its humble beginnings has seen a change to not only the drafting, but also collaboration and intelligence, with large gains in the construction industry. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been a slow to develop contender initiating in the early 2010’s. Now in common use, BIM has become a market leading tool of choice for architects and planners, but Every Construction is the first system to evolve to 5D BIM and stitch the seams of BIM and Project, Operation and Building Lifecycle Management

The BlockChain Revolution

Even with the modern day power of Building Information Management, cost estimation and procurement are still slow and cumbersome.  Every Construction unleashes 5D BIM…

Every Construction develops upon the power of Every Asset, the unique template based asset management blockchain solution.  With plugins for the popular BIM systems, architects, planners and construction are now able to view live data and procure parts during the planning process.

From the early stage of drafting, subscribing to the Every Asset templates and selecting appropriate blocks, accurate data with rich metadata is placed live into the drawing.  Live queries of stock, requirements, safety, service and weights, shipping and CO2 offsets are all available to the entire team.  Highly accurate estimates are at the hands of the planners, with the ability to change supplier and immediately update the entire inventory.

Utilising Every Trade, the planners have the ability to order stocks of parts, whether spot or futures, directly from the supplier, or set suppliers against each other to achieve the best price and delivery.  With suppliers manufacturing into the Every Asset chain, you can also guarantee unique marking of every part, allowing identification and stitching into the project and operation lifecycle

Operational Lifecycle

Life cycle costing is central to the current international drive to achieve better value for money from the buildings and constructed assets we procure and use.

Finally a solution empowering the entire lifecycle of a building, from concept to demolition.

The power of artificial intelligence and big data has finally been developed to allow intelligent building operation and lifecycle management, with the ability dynamically assess the total cost performance of an asset over time, including the acquisition, operating, maintenance, and disposal costs.

Benefits include:

  • Transparency of future operational costs
  • Ability to plan for future expenditure (e.g. through the establishment of sinking funds). 
  • Improved awareness of total costs  Ability to manipulate and optimise future costs at the design stages
  • Achieving and demonstrating better value for money in projects
  • Compliance with public sector procurement requirements 
  • Evaluation of competing options, either for entire assets or parts thereof 
  • Performance trade-offs against cost (e.g. environmental performance).

Every Construction integrates directly into popular BIM solutions, but for operational management, Oper84U is our product of choice.  Developed on the Salesforce platform, Oper84U integrates with Every Asset, Every Analytic and of course, Every Construction data.  Upon completion of the construction, data is seamlessly provided to the Oper84U platform through the provision of the building / assets unique and immutable ID/s.  Hand over is now more simple and intelligent than ever before.

Integration With Leading Operational Solution