Every CAD

Computer Aided Design changed the world when it was born. Engineers and designers worldwide rely on CAD every day of their working lives. CAD is now more powerful than ever before, with 3D solutions realising products in realtime. Every CAD delivers the next generation of dynamic design – the ability to enter real data blocks and symbols into a drawing, with rich metadata and live stock levels. Pricing, delivery and manufacture is now in the hands of the design and planning teams

Helping you Design the Future

With dynamic objects and their associated metadata, design time is as close to realtime as you could experience

Every CAD is a plugin for popular CAD applications.  With a direct link to the Every Asset blockchain solution, you are able to subscribe to the product categories your design requires.  Selection of parts from the chain brings with them, CAD blocks, informative metadata including real size, weight, safety, service and CO2 offsets, along with unique manufacturer information.

Insertion into your design delivers powerful dynamic data and enters you into a market whereby you are able to estimate live and order directly from your preferred provider.


Every CAD allows you to purchase spot or future contracts with suppliers, fixing your prices during design or planning

Powerful analytics empowering your testing, life expectations and lifecycle costing

Utilising Every Analytic artificial intelligence, you are able to tap into some of the largest asset history data in the word.

You are able to build and book unique slots with Every Analytic experts, delivering testing data, extrapolation and stress testing components, way before reaching manufacturing stage.

Every Analytic is the Artificial Intelligence arm of Universal Asset Sciences, developed to provide ultra high end computing, along with some of the best data scientists in the world.  You now have the power of science to empower your design and manufacturing from concept to reality.