A new dimension of Asset Management, Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences delivers the ultimate immutable asset management for every sector globally.  With unique asset modelling, templating and infinitively complex nested structures, finally there is a solution to not only asset management, but safety, servicing, lifecycle, prediction and traceability.


At last, a methodology to enable the birth of assets, storing their unique attributes and characteristics, all within a secure environment.

Every Asset empowers the lifecycle of assets, enabling features never experienced before. Templates are developed directly from standards approved by the global council, embedding regulatory, safety and servicing requirements. Manufacturers are able to develop their own templates and nest complex arrays of data, including manufacturing information, CAD symbols, identification requirements and safety / servicing. With every asset created from this template, a standard is born and can be traced through the lifecycle of the asset.


Using a structured language, compatible with most manufacturing systems, automation of asset birth data is integrated into the manufacturing process.

A traceable flow through the asset life delivers data directly to those who need it – securely.

Unique token generation and identification for every asset born into our framework means that the OEM is able to finally trace the lifecycle of the asset itself.  And with infinite child / parent relationships, the entire development of assets from buildings through vehicles to vast vessels are able to be exploded into their constituent child assets.  From service data, through to safety and intelligent failure / cost prediction, every asset can now become a part of your own ecosystem.

Finally a solution which enables the entire management of assets from commission through to decommission.

Every view, every service, every safety = Every Asset