A group of people from various sectors, who have spent many years working directly with Asset management, Enterprise Resource Management, Financial Management and Service Intelligence.

Universal Asset Sciences was born through more than a passion; it was born through a need to change the way we interact and manage both physical and digital assets.  Our backgrounds colliding with the genius of technology and leaders in our sectors, we had to make a change before it was too late.

UAS was the child of our dreams to unite the physical and digital world, but also to create an environment where the largest companies and the smallest consumers can interact in a trust less environment, with totally immutable blocks of data.  Where every single “touch” to an asset was recorded and unique finger prints travelled through the whole lifecycle of the asset, from commission to decommission.

A unique approach to building asset management

UAS has developed an entire ecosystem of businesses, orbiting our infrastructure and are now implementing the next phase – linking to governments globally.  Regulatory organisations, government, business and people are now able to interact and analyse data – all within our global changing product – Every Asset.


A global software solution to empower asset management, reduce fatalities, improve safety, improve transparency and allow true regulation. We believe the world is now ready for us and we are passionate about the assets of the world. The list is endless…

  • Architecture

  • Residential

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Digital

  • Service Sector

  • Regulation

  • Safety