Universal Asset Sciences is a technology company born through the pains of asset management, through the use of breakthrough digital technologies.  Our aim is to empower the world of physical and digital asset management through a peer based, trust less, immutable environment – namely Blockchain.

UAS has developed a derivative of block chain, alongside a new concept called BigChain.  Through this, we have the ability to contain and engage with every single asset in the world, with an infinitive child / parent relationship.

The entire lifecycle of an asset is now mappable and immutable, thus locked forever, whether a breakdown, failure or end of life.  With a unique thumbprint for every asset in the world, asset tracking and management has never been so easy.

UAS build innovative solutions to rectify problems in the physical and digital world, which can be resolved completely with our digital environment.







At Universal Asset Sciences, we have developed an entirely new concept for the trust less blockchain based environment.  Enabling the public and private chains, with layered security to enable a new hybrid technology.  With our infrastructure, we are able to unite the best of both worlds into a world leading blockchain environment that allows us to directly engage and serve the industries we work with.

UAS are proud contributors to the open source communities and are believers in the future of ledgering solutions for the empowerment of our world.